shared workspace at a distance


CC BY-SA Antonio Cañas Vargas, 2011-2017

Application for Android devices

SWADroid is an app for Android devices. You can download it for free from Google play.


SWADroid has been programmed by:

Source code

SWADroid is free software. The source code is available in GitHub forge (https://github.com/Amab/SWADroid) under GNU GPLv3 and GNU LGPLv3 licenses.


The icons used by SWADroid, processed and converted to transparent PNG by Antonio Cañas Vargas from collections Nuvola (under LGPLv2.1 license) and Font Awesome (under SIL OFL 1.1 license), can be downloaded from icon.zip. The icons are listed bellow following the SWADroid hierarchy:

  • Course tab: crs.png crs_black.png
    • Information: info.png info_black.png
    • Teaching guide: file.png file_black.png
    • Syllabus (lectures): syllabus.png syllabus_black.png
    • Syllabus (practicals): lab.png lab_black.png
    • Documents: folder.png folder_black.png
      • Home: home.png home_black.png
      • Parent: parent.png parent_black.png
      • Folder: folder.png folder_black.png
      • File: file.png file_black.png
    • Shared files: folder_users.png folder_users_black.png
      • Home: home.png home_black.png
      • Parent: parent.png parent_black.png
      • Folder: folder.png folder_black.png
      • File: file.png file_black.png
    • Bibliography: book.png book_black.png
    • FAQ: faq.png faq_black.png
    • Links: link.png link_black.png
  • Assessment tab: ass.png ass_black.png
    • Assessment system: info.png info_black.png
    • Test: test.png test_png
  • Users tab: usr.png usr_black.png
    • Groups: my_groups.png my_groups_black.png
      • Closed group: padlock_red.png padlock_red_black.png
      • Open group: padlock_green.png padlock_green_black.png
    • Control of attendance: roll_call.png roll_call_black.png
      • Students: usr.png usr_black.png
        • Update list: refresh.png refresh_black.png
        • Students' list: list.png list_black.png
      • Sessions: calendar.png calendar_black.png
        • New session: plus.png plus_black.png
        • Get sessions: calendar.png calendar_black.png
      • Roll call: roll_call.png roll_call_black.png
        • Scan QR: qr.png qr_black.png
        • Manual mode: list.png list_black.png
        • Present: ok.png ok_black.png
        • Not present: not_ok.png not_ok_black.png
  • Messages tab: msg.png msg_black.png
    • Notifications: notif.png notif_black.png
      • Mark all notifications as read: eye.png eye_black.png
      • Document: file.png file_black.png
      • Shared file: file.png file_black.png
      • Assignment: desk.png desk_black.png
      • Announcement of exam: announce.png announce_black.png
      • Marks: grades.png grades_black.png
      • Enrollment: enrollment.png enrollment_black.png
      • Enrollment request: enrollment_request.png enrollment_request_black.png
      • Notice: note.png note_black.png
      • Post in course forum: forum.png forum_black.png
      • Reply to my post: forum.png forum_black.png
      • Message: msg_received.png msg_received.png
        • Reply: msg_reply.png msg_reply_black.png
      • Survey: survey.png survey_black.png
    • New message: msg_write.png msg_write_black.png
    • Notices: note.png note_black.png
  • Statistics tab (not used in SWADroid): sta.png sta_black.png
  • Profile tab: prf.png prf_black.png
    • QR code: qr.png qr_black.png